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White Wines we are currently serving

White wine is a wine whose colour can be straw-yellow, yellow-green, and yellow-gold coloured.[1]

White wine's colour can be derived from an assortment of grape varieties. White wines are made from the grape juice and grape skin or from just the juice (not the skin) of select red grapes (as in some Champagnes).[2]

White wines are often consumed with lighter meals, or as an apéritif. They are more refreshing, lighter in both style and taste than the majority of their red wine counterparts, making them ideal for spring and summer occasions. The old guideline of “white wine with white meat” still holds true in many instances, but there are plenty of exceptions and palate preferences that dictate which wines to pair with what foods.[3] As an example, Chardonnay combines well with the taste of fleur de lis (triple cream cheese).

You can choose from a selection of the best at Il Cantuccio Restaurant, Lygon Street, Carlton.

Chardonnay originated in Burgundy, France and is a very popular type of white wine that can be made sparkling or still. It typically has a wider-bodied and rich citrus taste compared to other white wines. A common choice of food pairing for this wine is fish or poultry.

Sauvignon blanc originated in the Bordeaux region of France and tends to be flat and lack fruit qualities. The dominating flavors range from sour green fruits of apples, pears and gooseberries through to tropical fruits of melon, mango and blackcurrant. A common food pairing for this wine is seafood, poultry, and salad.

Pinot gris (pinot grigio) is planted extensively the Venice region of Italy. The colour of these grapes range from a copper yellow to light pink. It typically has a crisp fruity flavour which allows for a versatile food pairing.

Riesling originated from the Rhine region of Germany. This type is much lighter in comparison to other white wines and typically has a green apple aroma. Common food dishes that go well with Riesling are fish, chicken, and pork.[5]

Semillon from the Bordeaux region of France possesses a fig-like characteristic. Often paired with Sauvignon blanc to mellow its strong, berry like flavours.[6]

Moscato, typically made from Italian and Austrian grown grapes, offers a sweet and fruity taste. Shows best on its own without a food pairing.

Petite Arvine, is made from a grape originating from a region called the Valais, in Switzerland. Typically medium-dry it is a white wine with virtues of fruity flavours. The varietal is often paired with central and northern European foods.
Serving Methods

White wines beg a different style of wine glass variety from red wines. They are best presented in a smaller bowl glass as opposed to the larger bowl of a red wine glass.[7] Optimum white wine serving temperatures range from 6° to 10°C [42.8°-50°F]. Overall as the serving temperature of white wine decreases the aroma intensity will also decrease.[8]
Health Benefits

Although many wine drinkers are unsure of its health risks/benefits, consuming white wine provides health benefits . In recent studies white wine was found to present more significant cardiovascular benefits than red wine.[9] As well, white wine contains antioxidants, although red wine contains a higher levels of antioxidants.[10] Both white and red wines are effective in preventing LDL oxidation.

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